Eclipse Engineering provides structural engineering services for residential properties in Bend, OR; Missoula, MT; Whitefish, MT; and Spokane, WA.

Everlogs Concrete Logs


EverLog™ Systems ( is a revolutionary company that uses concrete instead of wood to build log homes.  Designed to solve the challenges commonly associated with wood log construction, concrete logs are changing the way people design, build and live in a log home.  Eclipse Engineering has provided comprehensive engineering and consulting services on a variety of EverLog™ products across the country.  From engineering complex timber structures and wall systems to product analysis and validation, Eclipse Engineering has been a partner in delivering a worry free solution to EverLog’s commercial and residential clients.

Discovery Park Lodge


Discovery Park Lodge, designed by GGL Architecture, consists of a 3-story wood framed apartment complex over a full basement parking garage.The main floor is “framed” with a post-tensioned concrete slab to allow for the parking garage below.The wood-framed structure above consisted of bearing walls, a wood-sheathed lateral system, an I-joist floor system and a combination of stick frame and pre-engineered wood trusses.The building will be used for low income elderly housing with options to buy or lease each unit.The building has kitchen facilities and is fully equipped for elderly services.

The Bungalow Company


Our partnership with The Bungalow Company has lead to hundreds of successful projects throughout the United States. The Bungalow is more about philosophy than a particular single style. Bungalows are cozy, attractive, functional buildings — free of wasted space. Bungalow living is about a simpler pursuit of life (and less house cleaning). As structural engineers, our role is to provide functional structural designs for all regions that stay out of the way of the classic bungalow style.

Five Trees Aspen Residence


This developer’s property lies on the ski hill in Aspen and features a ski-in/ski-out location. Taking advantage of an obviously sloped site, the residence has both a walk-out level to the lower hill and partial basement below the walkout. In order to preserve escape routes at the basement level, concrete window wells were created and covered in stone to preserve exterior aesthetics while meeting fire codes. This is a four-story wood-framed building with steel framing to preserve open floorplan and multiple floor height changes at each level. The home has a 24-foot retaining wall inside residence to support the upper driveway and parking .

Residence on Bootjack Lake


This 3,500-square foot custom home is divided into four adjoining sections and includes separate garage and storage areas. The residence is wood- and timber-framed construction with a steel Vierendeel truss system. The house features floor to ceiling windows and covered patio space along the entire wall facing the lake. The residence also features a private timber bridge, a separate garage and storage facility, a covered outdoor patio and stone fireplace and stone veneer inside and out. The foundation construction required blasting down to rock.

Gallagher Lodge


The house is approximately 15,000 square feet and has three stories that are located high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. There is a 52-foot x 32-foot Lodge Room accented with log purlins, valleys, and log trusses to create a huge vaulted space. There are over 2000 square feet of exterior decks and balconies framed out of rough sawn pine timbers that are supported by stone-wrapped piers. Character logs were hand picked by the architect to be placed at strategic locations such as the stair well. Several dozen steel beams are hidden within the floor cavities to allow for large, column free spaces such as the Family Room, the Rec. Room, the Kitchen and the Garage. The owner requested the floor to have a maximum L/1000 deflection criteria and the Lodge Room was designed to support 100 psf live load. The roof is extremely complicated with several dormers and shed dormers, valleys and hips. The roof is supported mostly by structural log members.

The Dunlevie Residence


The gigantic timbers that make up the timber trusses of the main living area are the focal point of this residence – visually and structurally. The truss bottom chords are composed of two 10 inch wide by 24 inch deep timbers. The bookends of the main portion of the house are 45 foot tall masonry chimneys which are wrapped in a real stone veneer and weigh nearly 65 tons a piece. Two concrete grade beams run the full length of the home under the lower level floor and provide lateral support for the chimneys in case of a seismic event. At the far end of the house a three-story tower provides a vantage point to view Whitefish Lake from the rooftop level. The tower is circular, 20 feet in diameter, 35 feet tall, and wrapped in a 6” thick stone veneer. A steel frame skeleton provides structural stability for the tower.