Public Sector

US Forest Lookout Towers


Eclipse has performed condition assessments for lookout towers throughout the northwestern United States. Assessments included detailed as-built drawings, seismic and wind analysis and material testing to determine the structural integrity of the towers. For example, initial inspection & analysis of existing conditions and retrofit design for a 100’ tall steel lookout tower may include the addition of an observation platform for public viewing.  When the in-depth field inspection showed that there was a combination of member and connection deficiencies as built, the structural design and construction of the retrofit included.

Flathead County 911


Flathead County 911 Dispatch and Emergency Coordination Center, designed by CTA Architects Engineers,  is a 12,197-square foot building with a call center, emergency operation center, offices, vestibules, corridors, mechanical equipment rooms, an equipment cache and storage. The dispatch center is a one-story CMU building with a two-story CMU tower in the center to house mechanical equipment.

The center has conventional spread and strip concrete footings, CMU walls, pilasters, lintels and parapets.The roof is framed with steel (bar joists, steel deck, miscellaneous steel canopies) and has pre-cast hollowcore planks for the mezzanine floor and roof of the mechanical tower. The equipment room has an 18-inch deep access floor system which consists of 2-inch thick concrete planks supported on steel pipe posts at 24-inches on center each way. The access floor is used to route wiring and ducts below the usable floor. Each 2-foot square panel is removable for maintenance purposes. A 15-foot diameter satellite dish is mounted on the roof (we worked with the satellite manufacturer to create a support pier for the dish). The dispatch center also has a 100-foot tall steel lattice-type communications tower. The tower itself was designed by others, but we designed the micro pile foundation to support it.

BLM Towers


The 100-foot tall steel observation towers were free climbed and visually inspected to determine the condition and any required repairs for the structures. An extensive code check was provided on the structures with recommendations to bring the structural and safety components up-to-date with current code requirements. Eclipse created a finite element model of the towers to help define the need of retrofit work. One of the tower inspections included the addition of stairs and a viewing platform, designed to be accessible to the public.

Clyde Park Water


As part of the water distribution system improvements for the town of Clyde Park, Eclipse designed a 700,000 gallon water tank for potable water storage. Due to restrictions in budget the tank was subsequently reduced to 350,000 which amounted to a small revision in the footprint of the tank. The tank is constructed of cast-in-place concrete walls and slab with pre-cast concrete columns, beams, and hollow core planks. A crystalline waterproofing system was incorporated into the mix design to help reduce the permeability of the concrete and to limit the leakage of the potable water.