Structural engineering projects completed by Eclipse Engineering within the commercial sector.

Atlas Electric


This new construction consists of an insulated concrete tilt-up building with a separated warehouse and office area. In order to provide the client with a quick and efficient design process, the project was a design/build delivery working closely with the tilt-up contractor. The lateral system consists of metal roof deck diaphragm, transferring loads to the perimeter concrete walls. Conventional spread footings were used for the foundation design.

Everlogs Concrete Logs


EverLog™ Systems ( is a revolutionary company that uses concrete instead of wood to build log homes.  Designed to solve the challenges commonly associated with wood log construction, concrete logs are changing the way people design, build and live in a log home.  Eclipse Engineering has provided comprehensive engineering and consulting services on a variety of EverLog™ products across the country.  From engineering complex timber structures and wall systems to product analysis and validation, Eclipse Engineering has been a partner in delivering a worry free solution to EverLog’s commercial and residential clients.

Missoula Federal Credit Union – Corporate Headquarters


Construction on the MFCU corporate facility started in the spring of 2009. Light gauge steel studs support the perimeter bearing walls and steel bar joists support a concrete floor system. A tremendous amount of natural light enters the building through the clerestory structure which is supported by exposed structural steel braces. The owner, contractor, and the entire design team (CTA Architects Engineers) worked closely during the design phase to assure the best possible product.

Discovery Park Lodge


Discovery Park Lodge, designed by GGL Architecture, consists of a 3-story wood framed apartment complex over a full basement parking garage.The main floor is “framed” with a post-tensioned concrete slab to allow for the parking garage below.The wood-framed structure above consisted of bearing walls, a wood-sheathed lateral system, an I-joist floor system and a combination of stick frame and pre-engineered wood trusses.The building will be used for low income elderly housing with options to buy or lease each unit.The building has kitchen facilities and is fully equipped for elderly services.

South Gate Mall Offices


This building is new construction of a five-story office building with a foundation footprint of 80 feet x 130 feet. It provides over 62,000 square feet of office space (including the basement). The main level is 15 feet tall and the remaining floors are 13.5 feet tall each. The floor framing is steel and concrete composite beams and girders. The roof framing is steel joists with a steel roof deck. The lateral load resisting system is concrete shear walls. The exterior walls are light gage steel stud framing. Brick veneer clads the main level, dryvit is used on the next three floors, and curtain walls are used on the fifth floor. The main level is a commercial bank, so assembly load is used in design.

Glacier Bank


The Glacier Bank headquarters, in Kalispell, expanded by purchasing the building across the street. Both two-story buildings were first remodeled and then connected by a 66-foot precast concrete skybridge. Both the north building and the south building remodels included in-fill floor areas on the second floor. Both buildings include new pop-up areas on the roof to provide space for elevators and stairs leading to the skybridge. During construction, a massive fire burned much of the roof framing on the north building. An assessment of the damage was made by Eclipse as well as direction given as to which structural elements were salvageable and which were damaged beyond repair.

Bozeman Food Coop


A 10,000 square foot addition to an existing warehouse building, The Community Food Co-Op in Bozeman, Montana combines numerous steel and wood features with existing masonry. Due to the openness of the building, the lateral force resisting system consists of a series of large steel moment frames with wood shearwalls. The roof system is a combination of timberframe wood trusses and sandwich panels. The upper floor is concrete on steel bar joists supported with open span steel beams. The exterior porch roof and floor are supported with thirty foot tall steel “mast” columns and steel rods forming a unique support system.

Bridger Bowl Ski Lodge


A new four-story building with 38,500 square feet of usable space for ski lodge activities such as ticket sales, cafeterias, classrooms, locker rooms and a day care center. The building will be constructed into the side of a mountain with two stories below the backside grade. The foundation is cast-in-place concrete walls. The floor levels are framed with steel beams and girders with a concrete-filled metal deck. The roof has a 6:12 slope with some dormers. The roof framing is steel purlins with wood rafters and wood sheathing. The exterior walls are wood in-fill studs of the steel frame. The interior walls are light gage steel in-fill studs. The lateral force resisting elements are a combination of steel moment frames, steel-braced frames, concrete shear walls, wood shear walls and heavy timber bracing.

Black Butte Ranch


This project consisted of two facility buildings at the main entrance to the ranch. The community complex building is an 11,000 square foot, two-story wood structure, housing administrative offices for the ranch, a public assembly area, and the post office. The police services building is approximately 3,050 square feet with a four-car garage and dispatch offices. Typical construction techniques with structural wood floor and roof systems. Non-typical construction for the 20-foot tall assembly space with retractable partition wall and 6-foot overhangs at the exterior deck and roof framing.

Moonlight Basin


Moonlight Inn is a 30,000 square foot ski lodge built at the base of Big Sky Ski Resort in Southwestern Montana. The three-story structure is a mix-use facility including condominiums, a restaurant, spa and offices. The building was constructed of a mixture of wood, log, steel and concrete. A combination of steel x-bracing and plywood shearwalls was used as restraint against lateral seismic forces. The area is in seismic zone 4 and also was designed for a 220-pound/square foot snow load. The project was completed for the 2000 ski season at a cost of 4 million dollars.