US Forest Lookout Towers

US Forest Lookout Towers 2017-05-23T18:14:12+00:00

Project Description

Eclipse has performed condition assessments for lookout towers throughout the northwestern United States. Assessments included detailed as-built drawings, seismic and wind analysis and material testing to determine the structural integrity of the towers. For example, initial inspection & analysis of existing conditions and retrofit design for a 100’ tall steel lookout tower may include the addition of an observation platform for public viewing.  When the in-depth field inspection showed that there was a combination of member and connection deficiencies as built, the structural design and construction of the retrofit included.


Architect: Robert Peccia & Associates

Eclipse Team: Lee French

Keys to Success

  • Addition of a public observation platform at half-height of the structure

  • Increased landing sizes below the observation platform

  • Stairs above the observation platform (not for public use) were also upgraded to meet OSHA requirements for work safety

Project Details