Project Description

The gigantic timbers that make up the timber trusses of the main living area are the focal point of this residence – visually and structurally. The truss bottom chords are composed of two 10 inch wide by 24 inch deep timbers. The bookends of the main portion of the house are 45 foot tall masonry chimneys which are wrapped in a real stone veneer and weigh nearly 65 tons a piece. Two concrete grade beams run the full length of the home under the lower level floor and provide lateral support for the chimneys in case of a seismic event. At the far end of the house a three-story tower provides a vantage point to view Whitefish Lake from the rooftop level. The tower is circular, 20 feet in diameter, 35 feet tall, and wrapped in a 6” thick stone veneer. A steel frame skeleton provides structural stability for the tower.