Sandpoint Forest Service Ranger Station

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Project Description

Located in Sandpoint, Idaho, this 10,000-square foot building consists of a mixture of dimensional wood framing and traditional log construction. Built to meet LEED Silver status,  once certified it will likely meet LEED Gold status. A geothermal heating system and low-flow plumbing fixtures contribute to the LEED status along with a structure built using local resources. The scope of the project includes 13,500 square feet of new office and meeting space.  The building is a wood framed structure with pre-engineered wood framed trusses supporting a majority of the roof.  Long-span, small diameter log trusses support framing the entry areas.


Architect: CTA – Missoula

Eclipse Team: Jesse Fortune

Keys to Success

  • Floor framed using a repetitive wood I-joist layout for the entire structure.

  • A crawl-space stretches throughout the entire foot print.

  • The structure is supported by 8-inch thick concrete frost walls with strip footings along the perimeter and concrete pad and strip footings at interior locations.

Project Details