Missoula Rock Garden

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Project Description

Overlooking the Clark Fork River, the Missoula Athletic Club’s climbing gym is a 5,180 square foot main level with another 2,180 square foot mezzanine level for office space. The 29-foot walls are made with structural steel columns and stress-skin wall panels, which simulate a rock-climbing environment. A cupola rises 16 feet above the main roof (total building height is 55′-6″) and the bottom chords of the trusses support an additional load for climbing surfaces on the ceiling of the building. Rock Pinnacle, which simulates a rock climbing “mountain,” stands 51 feet. The pinnacle was a design/build project with a structural wood skeleton and lightwood framed struts, braces and ribs to form its shape. Plywood panels were attached to the wood framing and the artificial rock texture was spread onto the panels. Lead wall supports and top rope supports for the climbers are supported internally by cables, rods and additional wood struts.



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