Missoula Federal Credit Union – Corporate Headquarters

Missoula Federal Credit Union – Corporate Headquarters 2017-05-23T16:37:16+00:00

Project Description

Construction on the MFCU corporate facility started in the spring of 2009. Light gauge steel studs support the perimeter bearing walls and steel bar joists support a concrete floor system. A tremendous amount of natural light enters the building through the clerestory structure which is supported by exposed structural steel braces. The owner, contractor, and the entire design team (CTA Architects Engineers) worked closely during the design phase to assure the best possible product.


Architect: CTA – Missoula

Eclipse Team: Troy Leistiko

Keys to Success

  • Light gauge steel studs supporting the perimeter bearing walls

  • Steel bar joists and metal deck supporting a concrete floor system

  • Roof framed with steel bar joists and large steel girder trusses

Project Details