Project Description

The project consisted of adding several structures to update the wastewater treatment plant. The engineers at Peccia and Associates determined the size of the structures and Eclipse had to make it happen structurally. Most of the structures had cast-in-place concrete foundation walls, slabs and walkways. Some had steel floor, wall and roof framing. The water table at the site was high (design for 5-feet below grade) and some of the structures were 14-feet deep, so buoyancy forces had to be taken in to account so that the buildings would not be pushed up out of the ground. We used extra wide footings that would be weighted down by backfill and on the Oxidation Ditch we specified over 70 screw piles to resist uplift. The crane rail systems and hoists under the floors and roofs were designed to transport equipment, miscellaneous manholes and retaining walls, aluminum chutes, walkways, gratings, guardrails and stairs.