Interdisciplinary Science Building – University of Montana

Interdisciplinary Science Building – University of Montana 2017-05-23T17:56:39+00:00

Project Description

The ISB is a laboratory building used by various scientists and researchers. The floors are steel and concrete composite framing, the roof is heavy steel, the entry canopies are glue-laminated timber, and the foundation is 12-inch thick conventional cast-in-place concrete on spread/strip footings. Allowable soil bearing pressure is 8,000 psf.


Architect: Mark Headley; StudioFORMA

Eclipse Team: Troy Leistiko, Sushil Shenoy

Keys to Success

  • One hundred tons of mechanical equipment is housed in the mechanical penthouse

  • Two heavy steel trusses support the roof and four levels of concrete floors over the extra-large lecture room on the first floor

  • Seismic and wind forces are resisted with steel seismic towers anchored to the foundation with 2 ½-inch diameter steel rods

Project Details