Project Description

The house is approximately 15,000 square feet and has three stories that are located high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. There is a 52-foot x 32-foot Lodge Room accented with log purlins, valleys, and log trusses to create a huge vaulted space. There are over 2000 square feet of exterior decks and balconies framed out of rough sawn pine timbers that are supported by stone-wrapped piers. Character logs were hand picked by the architect to be placed at strategic locations such as the stair well. Several dozen steel beams are hidden within the floor cavities to allow for large, column free spaces such as the Family Room, the Rec. Room, the Kitchen and the Garage. The owner requested the floor to have a maximum L/1000 deflection criteria and the Lodge Room was designed to support 100 psf live load. The roof is extremely complicated with several dormers and shed dormers, valleys and hips. The roof is supported mostly by structural log members.