Project Description

Flathead County 911 Dispatch and Emergency Coordination Center, designed by CTA Architects Engineers,  is a 12,197-square foot building with a call center, emergency operation center, offices, vestibules, corridors, mechanical equipment rooms, an equipment cache and storage. The dispatch center is a one-story CMU building with a two-story CMU tower in the center to house mechanical equipment.

The center has conventional spread and strip concrete footings, CMU walls, pilasters, lintels and parapets.The roof is framed with steel (bar joists, steel deck, miscellaneous steel canopies) and has pre-cast hollowcore planks for the mezzanine floor and roof of the mechanical tower. The equipment room has an 18-inch deep access floor system which consists of 2-inch thick concrete planks supported on steel pipe posts at 24-inches on center each way. The access floor is used to route wiring and ducts below the usable floor. Each 2-foot square panel is removable for maintenance purposes. A 15-foot diameter satellite dish is mounted on the roof (we worked with the satellite manufacturer to create a support pier for the dish). The dispatch center also has a 100-foot tall steel lattice-type communications tower. The tower itself was designed by others, but we designed the micro pile foundation to support it.