Discovery Park Lodge

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Project Description

Discovery Park Lodge, designed by GGL Architecture, consists of a 3-story wood framed apartment complex over a full basement parking garage.The main floor is “framed” with a post-tensioned concrete slab to allow for the parking garage below.The wood-framed structure above consisted of bearing walls, a wood-sheathed lateral system, an I-joist floor system and a combination of stick frame and pre-engineered wood trusses.The building will be used for low income elderly housing with options to buy or lease each unit.The building has kitchen facilities and is fully equipped for elderly services.


Architect: GGL Architecture

Eclipse Team: Nick Burnham

Keys to Success

  • Post-tensioned concrete floor over sub-grade parking garage

  • Foundation partially over an old pumice mine required specific foundation review

  • Balconies designed as independent exterior elements bolted onto the exterior to reduce wall penetrations

Project Details