Project Description

The building requirements of multiple roof levels and large open rooms interspersed with typical smaller classroom layouts required that the structural design accommodate large spans at the roof and an open floor plan at the meeting room/lobby/gallery. Both the upper and lower roof is constructed of steel bar joists spanning up to 48-feet and supporting the suspended catwalk over the theater. Steel braced frames throughout the building supplement concrete shear walls for lateral loads. A large site built truss along the gallery and open lobby supports both the roof break and suspends the upper gallery over the meeting room. The full truss is 15-feet deep and 108-feet long, with a longest open span of 62-feet and cantilevers of 6 & 20-feet on either end. In order to better integrate the truss with the construction timeline and reduce the costs associated with craning and bracing a large truss, columns were installed at the lower level and the truss was built in place.