Armory Hotel

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Project Description

Constructed over the historic three-story cast-in-place concrete National Guard Armory building in Bozeman, Montana, the EHTA Hotel is a nine story high-end hospitality structure that features a large Ballroom, a hot tub terrace, and spectacular views of the Bridger Mountains to the north, and several other structural engineering highlights.

The Room Tower is a structural frame with special steel moment frames and eccentrically braced frames to support seismic and wind loads.  The steel frame bears on foundation elements that precisely located and incorporated into the existing building’s foundation system


Architect: Venue Design, LLC

Eclipse Team: Troy Leistiko, Jesse Fortune, Brian Hanson, Chad Taylor, Ashley McDaniel

Keys to Success

  • Upgrade existing cast-in-place floors to support 2009 IBC level live loading for assembly areas

  • Remove small portions of the existing concrete building for new building features and access such as balconies overlooking the Ball Room and openings for stairs and elevator shafts

  • Seismic joints throughout to separate the new structure from the existing structure to ensure compatibility in the event of movement due to seismic forces

Project Details